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Thermal Label Printer

iDPRT offers budget-friendly thermal label printers from 2-inch to 4-inch. Our best-selling 4-inch shipping label printer SP410 comes with high-speed printing and paper inhaling function, which is widely applied in the E-commerce and logistics industry. Other rich featured label printers are designed for small business and office label printing, with easy operation and high compatibility with different sizes of labels.

2" Desktop Barcode Printer

Equipped with compact and durable design, iDPRT 2-inch desktop barcode printer is ideal for hospitality, healthcare, assets management labeling solutions. iD2 direct thermal lineup is exactly right for wristband printing, iE2 thermal transfer lineup can be used for long-life labels, receipts or tags applications.

4" Desktop Barcode Printer

Featured with dependable quality and competitive price, iDPRT manufactures a wide range of desktop barcode printer, 100M ribbon to 300M ribbon, direct thermal to thermal transfer, standard level to ultimate level. Also our barcode label printer comes with high compatibility of multiple language emulations, super large memory and various of optional affordable accessories including RFID module.

Industrial Barcode Printer

We provide a completed range of industrial barcode label printer in the market, 4-inch to 6-inch, light-industry level to rugged durable level, standard speed to super high speed, 203/300dpi to 600dpi resolution. Multiple accessories are available for easy installation in end-user side. UHF RFID anti-metal labeling solution is mature in the field.

Barcode Scanner

iDPRT's high-performance 1D/2D barcode scanners are designed for automatic data capture applications in retail, warehouse management, manufacturing, logistics and healthcare, goverment and other industries. Our full range of barcode scanner products includes handheld scanners, fixed scanners, embedded scanners.

POS Printer

Thermal POS receipt printers with auto cutter. 58/80mm paper width, fashionable appearance. Widely used in retail shops and restaurants industry.

Mobile Barcode Printer

Print labels and receipts with iDPRT handheld barcode printer on-the-go. Removable battery, OLED display printer with bluetooth connection, and optional Wifi for iMOVE T3Pro with also ZPL supported. Widely used in warehousing, outdoor work, delivery, etc.

Intelligent Mobile Data Terminal

Deploy RFID tracking with iDPRT ultrahigh-frequency (UHF) RFID devices. Excellent decoding ability with large capacity battery, super durable, widely used in logistics and retails.

Home Printer

Compact A4 printer for home. print anytime and anywhere via cloud printing, high printing speed.

Color photo printer

ZINK(zero ink) photo printer. Connect this mini photo printer to your iOS or Android phones via Bluetooth. Making photo-printing easy and convenient.

Card Printer

CP-D80 direct to card printer can print full-color, one-sided or dual-sided ID cards. Outstanding image quality, trendy & elegant design with comfortable operating experience. Perfect to print credit cards, security cards, badges cards, employee cards, dining cards, etc.

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