iDPRT: Premier Barcode Scanner Manufacturer in China for Diverse Industries

2024-06-04 17:50

iDPRT is a trusted and experienced barcode scanner provider in China. We offer 1D and 2D barcode scanners, covering different types like standing barcode scanners, Bluetooth wireless barcode scanners, and handheld barcode scanners. Our products are high-performance and durable, boasting excellent integration and compatibility features, at competitive prices.

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As a powerful barcode scanner manufacturer in China, iDPRT excels in the design and manufacture of custom barcode products and provides expert support services to ensure the success of these products in your industry. We provide bulk purchasing and wholesale OEM ODM customization services to cater to your specific requirements.

Currently, our barcode scanner products are widely used in sectors such as catering, retail, warehousing, logistics, industrial manufacturing, healthcare, and event management.

Retail and Catering

The iDPRT Bluetooth barcode scanners are portable and comfortable to use and integrates seamlessly into the POS systems of retail stores and restaurants.

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They efficiently scan 1D and 2D barcodes, including Efficiently scan UPC, EAN, mobile payment QR codes, and QR code coupons 2D barcodes, enhancing the efficiency of POS and payment processes.

Warehouse and Logistics

iDPRT handheld barcode scanners are highly responsive, robust, and durable. They streamline inbound and outbound processes, ensuring fast and accurate tracking of goods and materials. They can even recognize blurred, damaged, low-contrast, or irregularly shaped codes.

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Additionally, our industrial PDAs empower staff to access and update inventory information on the go and allow them to manage stock levels and perform inventory operations with agility.


The iDPRT USB barcode scanners are commonly used in hospital pharmacies for their plug-and-play convenience and rapid recognition of medication labels, prescription labels, and drug barcodes.

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The wireless barcode scanners are suited for various hospital settings such as front desks, blood sampling stations, and laboratories. They allow medical staff to flexibly scan patient wristbands, patient medical record barcodes, blood tube barcodes, and sample barcodes from different angles.

Equipped with a high-capacity battery, these portable barcode scanners provide prolonged battery life, guaranteeing seamless operation without any power anxieties.

Event Management and Public Sector

iDPRT embedded barcode scanners are highly stable and compatible, easily integrated into various turnstiles, access control gates, and self-service Kiosks. They can automatically sense and rapidly identify paper barcodes, mobile QR codes, and mobile payment codes.

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These scanners are commonly used in train and subway stations, public institutions, city halls and exhibition entrances.

If you’re seeking a reliable and innovative provider of barcode scanners in China, iDPRT is your ideal partner. We have a rich history of innovation and a commitment to providing high-quality barcode scanner products at competitive prices. We offer bulk purchasing and product OEM OEM customization.

Barcode scanning solution providers, wholesalers, and dealers are welcome to contact us for product details and inquiries.

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