Looking for the best badge printers? Whether you need visitor badge printing for events, conferences, schools educational institutions, or corporate settings, iDPRT's ID badge printers can help you identify all your guests and enhance security.

Visitor Badge/Name Tag Printers

You can easily print badges and name tags on demand with the iDPRT thermal name badge printer and free Label Designer software(Also compatible with many other Visitor Management Systems). Using the badge printing software, you can add barcodes, logos, ID photos, text, and symbols to your name badges. Furthermore, you can swiftly print batches of name badges by importing names and details from an Excel spreadsheet, significantly reducing manual data entry.

iDPRT SP310 Thermal Name Badge Printer

The SP310 is a compact 3-inch thermal label printer, an economical choice for printing visitor passes and name badges/tags in schools, hospitals, clinics, and labs, as well as at events and conferences. It's easy to set up and prints black-and-white name tags, making it a perfect alternative to the Dymo450.

  • ● Direct Thermal printing, no ink or cartridges needed
  • ● Support Windows, Linux, macOS driver
  • ● Support ESC/POS, TSPL command sets
  • ● Bundled with Bartender label design software & Seagull Windows Driver
  • ● Printing Speed: Max 102mm/s
  • ● Printing Width: Max 80mm
  • ● Printing Resolution: 203 dpi
  • ● Interfaces: USB, RS232C
iDPRT SP320 Thermal Badge ID Printer

The SP320 is an excellent name tag maker machine, offering high-volume on-site printing of visitor passes. Moreover, with its Bluetooth connectivity, it offers greater flexibility and ease of use. It's high-speed printing capability make this a must-have for your next event with on-site registration.

  • ● Direct Thermal printing, no ink or cartridges needed
  • ● Support Windows, Linux, macOS driver
  • ● Support ESC/POS, TSPL command sets
  • ● Bundled with Bartender label design software & Seagull Windows Driver
  • ● Printing Speed: Max. 7 ips (180 mm/s)
  • ● Printing Width: Max 72mm
  • ● Printing Resolution: 203 dpi
  • ● Interfaces: USB, Bluetooth

PVC ID Card Printer

iDPRT's card and badge printer excel in creating high-quality, full-color plastic name badges. We provide a complete solution, including the printer and badge printing software, to ensure a secure and reliable visitor pass system.

iDPRT CP-D80 ID Card Badge Printer

The CP-D80 specializes in PVC ID badge printing with advanced features suited for creating secure and professional-looking cards. It is particularly well-suited for organizations that prioritize security and quality in their ID card printing processes.

  • ● Printing Technology: Direct to Card
  • ● Printing Speed: Full-color printing:Up to 160 cards/hour
  • ● Standard Card Size: 85.6x53.98mm
  • ● Printing Resolution: 300 dpi
  • ● Interfaces: USB2.0 and Ethernet

Let's streamline your identification process.


1. Who Needs Visitor Badge ID Printers?

Visitor badge id printer is a vital solution for the below organizations:

● Schools and Educational Institutions

● Corporate Offices

● Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

● Events and Conferences

● Government Agencies

● Sports Venues and Leisure Facilities

● Construction Sites

2. Which is the best conference/event badge printer?

When selecting the best badge printer machine for conference badges printing, convention badge printing, custom badge printing or other situations, you need to consider your specific needs such as print volume, speed, connectivity, and the environment of your event. The iDPRT SP310, SP320, and CP-D80 models each offer unique features that cater to different aspects of badge printing.

● For black and white, quick, and economical paper/label badge printing, consider the iDPRT SP310.

● For black and white, high-volume, fast, and wireless paper/label badge printing, the iDPRT SP320 is optimal.

● For high-quality, full color, secure ID card badge printing, the iDPRT CP-D80 is the premier choice.

3. How to find the visitor badge printer machine for your needs?

Before you buy visitor badge printer for your custom id badge printing, ask yourself:

● Do you want to print name tags/labels or plastic ID cards?

Name Tag Printer: This type of printer is primarily used for creating name tags, including school visitor badges, which are often temporary.

ID Card Printer: This printer is capable of making plastic identification badges, which are generally more durable and secure.

● How often will you need to issue new badges?

Assess the frequency of visitor turnover. High-traffic environments may benefit from a faster, more efficient printer to handle a large volume of badges daily.

● Is the id badge printer compatible with your access control systems?

Ensure the id badge printer is compatible with the visitor management systems, check with the printer manufacturer or your visitor management system developer.

● What level of customization is required for custom ID badges?

Consider if you need a visitor pass printer capable of producing custom ID badges with complex designs, including full-color printing, custom layouts, and the incorporation of specific fonts and logos to maintain brand consistency.

● Is there a need for portability in your badge printing solution?

If your organization hosts events at various locations or requires mobility, consider a portable badge printer that can be easily transported and set up in different environments.

4. Can I use iDPRT badge printers for purposes other than printing badges?

Absolutely. While iDPRT badge printers are excellent at creating various types of badges, they are versatile machines that can handle a wide range of printing tasks. Here's an overview of their capabilities:

Badge Printing: These printers excel in producing different kinds of badges, including but not limited to:

● Name tags for events and conferences

● Staff IDs for workplace security

● Visitor name tags for tracking and access control

● Security name badges for enhanced safety measures

● Backstage passes for entertainment and media events

● Convention badges for expos and trade shows

● VIP access badges for exclusive events

● Hospital badges for healthcare staff and visitors

● Volunteer name badges for charity and community events

● Vendor name badges for markets and fairs

Label Printing: Beyond badge printing, iDPRT printers are also capable of printing a variety of labels, which are essential for various business operations:

● Barcode labels for inventory management and sales tracking

● Price tags for retail and merchandising

● Product labels for branding and information

● Inventory labels for warehouse organization and logistics

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