iDPRT is a leading supplier specialized in R&D, manufacturing and sales of AIDC Hardwares, including the mobile barcod printers, desktop barcode printers, industrial barcode printers, PDAs, barcode scanners, card printers, etc. With an experienced R&D team with around 250 engineers, who have rich experiences in print application software, multi-platform driver, embedded system, hardware/mechanical design, testing and QC, etc., iDPRT products are widly used in different application areas, such as ticketing, Warehousing and logistics, Healthcare, Retail and Hospitality, Public Sector, Manufacturing, etc..

Barcoding the tickets, including the flight tickets, clothing tags, ID cards, tray tags, visiting tickets, etc., enables the traceability of the tickets, improves the efficiency of the entrance or enrollment, and improves the security of the events.

iDPRT barcode printers meet the ticket printing demand from the printing duty and printing mobility.

The current healthcare system in the hospitals and other pharmacy stores requires the instant identification and accountability of all patient-related information .

The tube tags, pharmaceutical Iabels, patient identification barcode, medical wristbands medical records and laboratory specimen tags are used to satisfy the current healthcare system to optimize and standardize the hospital process, reduce the error rate, and benefit the patient from both sides.

iDPRT 2inch and 4inch desktop barcode printers satisfy the different demand from the healthcare areas perfectly.

Barcodes on the commodities can help the merchandizers to quickly and accurately use the computers and the sales system to make sales and manage the distribution of the commodities.

Price tags, Part NO. labels, receipts for registered mails, shipping labels, inventory labels with barcodes is becoming essential to improve the operating efficiency in the retail and hospitality areas.

iDPRT mobile barcode printers, 2inch and 4inch desktop barcode printers with fashionable design meet all the printing demand from the retail and hospitablity areas.

Keeping track of products throughout the entire distribution process is essential to controlling costs, managing inventory and ensuring the quick and reliable delivery of goods. The different process at the warehouse, such as incoming, warehousing, inventory checking, outgoing, requires the identification and traceability of the products.

The carton labels, address labels, product serial number labels, shipping labels with the barcode are making the identification and traceability really happen.

iDPRT barcode printers including the mobile barcode printer, tabletop barcode printers, industrial barcode printers can meet the every label printing demand in the each process of the warehouse and logistics.

Everyday we can see many banners, warning labels, cable labeling, RFID tags printed in many different kind materials in the public places.

iDPRT barcode printers, with the advanced technology, could print on many different kind of materials with different thickness, coatings, toughness, elasticity, etc.

In the modern production process, the product and key component identification and traceability plays a key roll to monitor the production status, to collect the production data, testing data, quality report, etc..

Series No. labels, product ID labels, electronics small labels, package labels, inspection labels, outgoing labels, shipping labels make the identification and traceability of the products real from the material warehouse, to the production line, to the finished warehouse, to the users’ hand.

iDPRT desktop and industrial barcode printer with high printing speed and with heavy printing duty supports satisfy the different kinds of printing demand from the manufacturing area.

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