iDPRT Badge Printers in Mobile Kiosks for Quick Onsite Registration

2024-06-13 11:44

Ever heard of mobile badge printing kiosks? This emerging trend provides a rapid, onsite registration and cost-effective badge printing solution for conferences, trade shows, and other events. With an iDPRT badge printer and a tablet, you can create a flexible mobile kiosk. But how exactly do they operate? Next, we will get you know the benefits of mobile kiosks and how they can streamline your event management process.

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How Does a Mobile Badge Printing Kiosk Work?

Usually, a badge printer plus a tablet make up a mobile badge printing kiosk. These kiosks are easy to set up, space-saving, and can be positioned on check-in counters or temporary tables near event entrances.

iDPRT SP320 3 inch thermal barcode printer.png

For example, iDPRT SP320, a 3-inch thermal barcode printer with a compact cube design, is ideal for use in mobile badge printing kiosks.

It connects wirelessly via Bluetooth to iPads and other Android tablets, doing away with bulky wires. This thermal printer is simple to load with label rolls and easy to configure.

So, how does this badge printer work with the tablet?

As the event begins, many attendees will arrive at the entrance. They usually have pre-registered and received ticket QR codes. Here’s how the process works:

● Attendees scan the QR codes on their phones using the tablet.

● The iDPRT SP320 badge printer automatically prints name badges with their personalized information and unique QR codes.

● Attendees then stick the labels onto blank badges provided by the event organizers, attach lanyards, and are ready to enter the venue.

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This streamlined process eliminates the need for staff assistance and speeds up entry time, significantly reducing queue congestion.

Benefits of Mobile Badge Printing Kiosks

Compared to traditional badge printing kiosks and self-service machines, these mobile kiosks are more cost-effective. They are easy to set up and dismantle after events, can be placed flexibly, and reused multiple times.

Additionally, mobile badge printing kiosks are suitable for events of any size, from small conferences to large trade shows.

iDPRT Badge Label Printers

Integrate iDPRT badge printers into your mobile kiosks! Available in various models, they support fan-fold, die-cut, and continuous label rolls. Select from different speeds and label sizes to perfectly match your event needs.

specifications of SP310 badge label printer.png

specifications of SP320 badge label printer.png

iDPRT name tag and badge printers are robustly built with high-quality printheads, delivering stable performance under heavy loads. Furthermore, we offer OEM customization services, allowing you to tailor the appearance and functionality of your printers to seamlessly match your branding and specific requirements.

Looking to streamline your badge printing process and elevate your event experience? Contact iDPRT today to find the perfect badge printer for your needs!

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