How to Print from Your Phone Using a Bluetooth Thermal Label Printer?

2024-05-15 11:40

For E-commerce and small businesses that prioritize mobile and flexible printing solutions, a Bluetooth thermal label printer provides substantial conveniences. For instance, the popular iDPRT SP410BT Bluetooth label printer effortlessly connects to mobile phones via Bluetooth, enabling the seamless, on-the-go printing of shipping labels, address labels, product labels, and packaging stickers.

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Just follow six simple steps to complete the printing process. Let’s watch this video to see how to connect and print from your phone to a Bluetooth thermal label.

Step 1: Search for "HereLabel" on the Apple Store or Google Play and install the app.

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iDPRT has developed this mobile app specifically for its Bluetooth label printers and portable label printers.

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This free label design app facilitates Bluetooth connectivity and also provides a wealth of pre-designed label templates suitable for industries like retail food, apparel, and jewelry. Users can also create customized barcode labels, adding logos, graphics, lines, barcodes, and QR codes.

Step 2: Allow app access and enable the "Bluetooth" and "Location" functions.

allow app access.png

Step 3: Tap the connection option in the top right corner of the screen.

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After selecting the connection option, the app will automatically search for the printer and establish a connection.

Step 4: Select the file you need to print, such as a downloaded UPS shipping label.

select file to print.png

Step 5: Printing settings.

shipping label print setting.png

Set the paper width, paper height, and the number of copies as needed.

Step 6: Tap the print button to print your shipping label.

print the shipping label.png

This Bluetooth thermal label printer also supports printing from PCs via Bluetooth connection. For detailed instructions, please watch the latter part of the above video.

The iDPRT SP410BT is a versatile, high-performance 4-inch shipping label printer with a 6 IPS high-speed printing capability. It is widely used across various E-commerce and logistics platforms and is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android systems.

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It is stable, durable, easy to operate, and has received high praise from major media. Shop now on Amazon!

iDPRT offers a wide range of thermal label printers with robust design, unparalleled performance, and competitive pricing. We provide bulk purchases, and custom OEM/ODM printer production services. Inquire today to discover how our solutions can benefit your business!

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