Best School Pass Printers for School Visitor Management System

2024-04-03 16:28

In Europe and America, School Visitor Management Systems have been widely adopted, streamlining the management of visitor information through electronic means. These systems handle sign-in and sign-out processes, visitor identity verification, and more, offering convenience and efficiency. To support these systems, school pass printers like the iDPRT SP310 and iDPRT SP320 are commonly used to print visitor badges and school passes.

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Next, let’s get a better understanding of the features and advantages that these two printers offer.

Specifications of iDPRT School Pass Printers

To begin, let’s take a look at their basic parameters.

iDPRT SP310 Thermal Label Printer

specifications of iDPRT 310.png

iDPRT SP320 3-Inch Thermal Barcode Printer

specifications of iDPRT 320.png

Features of iDPRT School Pass Printers

1. Excellent Compatibility

The iDPRT school visitor pass printer boast impressive compatibility, supporting various operating systems like Windows, Mac, and Linux, meeting diverse user needs.

They support multiple printing languages like TSPL and ESC/POS, delivering compatibility with different school security systems.

Ident A Kid compatible printers.png

Notably, the iDPRT SP310 and SP320 school pass printers are compatible with the widely used Ident-A-Kid system in U.S. schools and campuses, which is a very important school visitor management system.

This school security system swiftly and effectively identifies, records, and tracks the movements of visitors, students, staff, and volunteers.

When visitors enter a school, they register at the front desk. The Ident-A-Kid system verifies their identity and then prints a paper badge using the iDPRT label printer.

These badges typically include the visitor’s name, photo, visit time, and expiration time, and must be worn while on school premises. This method of visitor management helps school administrators quickly identify and log visitor information, thereby enhancing campus security.

2. Fast and High-Qaulity Printing

iDPRT school badge printers deliver fast visitor badge printing. For instance, The iDPRT SP320 3-inch thermal barcode printer prints at a maximum speed of 180mm/s, ideal for high-volume printing of visitor passes in a short time.

They are equipped with high-quality printheads and multiple paper detection sensors to deliver excellent print quality.

iDPRT visitor badge printers print high-definition visitor ID barcodes, guest QR codes, school and campus logos, icons and clear text without distortion. These thermal barcode printers are suitable for various shapes and sizes of school pass label rolls with a width of 80mm, such as 2" x 3", 3" x 3 1/2".

3. Cost-effective and Ease of Use

iDPRT thermal badge label printers are a cost-effective and low-maintenance option for printing visitor badge labels, school passes and name stickers. They do not require additional consumables, such as ink or toner, and are easy to load with paper rolls.

iDPRT SP320 3 inch thermal barcode printer.png

Additionally, they come with free label design software that makes it easy to customize professional-looking visitor badges and school passes.

For more information on creating custom visitor passes, please visit the blog post "Enhance Visitor Management and Security with iDPRT Visitor Badge Printers".

In conclusion, the iDPRT SP310 and SP320 thermal label printers are among the best school pass printers for your school visitor management system, offering robust compatibility, exceptional print quality, and user-friendly operation.

iDPRT id card printer.png

Besides, iDPRT offers high-performance school ID card printers capable of producing double-sided, full-color plastic ID badges with exceptional quality. These ID cards are reusable and suitable for frequent visitors.

With iDPRT badge printers, schools can significantly improve their visitor management and security, fostering a safer and more inviting atmosphere. These printers are not limited to educational settings; they excel in printing custom on-site badges for hospitals, events, meetings, and conferences. Boasting a team of over 400 R&D engineers, iDPRT can collaborate closely with system integrators and software developers. Contact us today for a demonstration.

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