3 Best Shipping Label Printers of 2024

2024-02-03 14:50

Why are shipping label printers so popular? It’s simple. They are the linchpins in today’s e-commerce, retail, home businesses, express delivery, and corporate administration. With the right thermal label printer, you can quickly print shipping labels, logistics labels, address labels, packing labels, interesting thank-you stickers in varied shapes, and even custom a variety of product and branding labels.

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With so many options available in the market, selecting the best shipping label printers can be a daunting task. Whether you’re a small business owner, an eBay seller, or a courier company owner, the right thermal label printer can significantly enhance your business efficiency. Today, we’re excited to share with you the 3 best shipping label printers of 2024, each carefully selected to cater to a range of needs and preferences.

Key Features to Consider in Buying Shipping Label Printers

There are many factors to consider when choosing a suitable shipping label printer.

1. Compatibility: A versatile shipping label printer should supports both Windows and Mac, which ensures smooth operation.

Similarly, for small businesses and e-commerce sellers, a thermal label printer that integrates seamlessly with platforms like Shopify, eBay, and FBA is invaluable. Imagine expanding your online empire without the hassle of switching printers – that’s the level of flexibility we’re highlighting!

2. Label Adaptability: Shipping labels can vary differently in sizes and types, so choose the right thermal printer to accommodate to your label sizes like 4x6 shipping labels, and label types, like folded paper, label rolls, or black mark labels.

3. Connectivity: Connectivity options like standard USB, Bluetooth, or WiFi are significant considerations.

If you’re inclined to edit and print address labels, shipping labels and product labels directly from your smartphone, opting for a wireless thermal printer for shipping labels is ideal.

On the other hand, for office front desks or administrative tasks, a standard USB interface often suffices, providing a straightforward and reliable connection.

4. Printing Speed: For courier companies and e-commerce sellers who need to print hundreds of labels daily, the speed of the label printer is critical. So you need to check the printing speed specifications of the label printers carefully.

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5. Ease of Use: Operational aspects like easy loading of paper rolls, the availability of label design software contribute to the user-friendliness of the printer. The best budget shipping label printer should not only be affordable but also easy to operate, making it accessible for businesses of all sizes.

iDPRT’s Best Shipping Label Printers

1. iDPRT SP410BT: Best Wireless Thermal Printer for Shipping Labels

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Why We Recommend:

● Fast Printing: Speeds up to 6 IPS.

Mobile Connectivity: Easy smartphone printing.

Great Value: High performance at a competitive price.

This compact wireless thermal printer for shipping labels, without a paper compartment, is ideal for space-saving setups. It handles folded paper labels efficiently, compatible with up to 127mm wide label materials.

Perfect for e-commerce, retail, home businesses, and express delivery, this one of the best shipping label printers excels in printing 4x6 shipping labels, packing labels, FBA labels, and various sticker labels, compatible with many platforms like Amazon, eBay, Shopify, and UPS.

Its standout feature is the mobile connectivity. iDPRT SP410BT offers reliable Bluetooth connectivity to assist in instant shipping label and packing label printing for modern retail and e-commerce businesses. It also simplifies the printing process with its user-friendly Label Design App, offering a variety of label templates for quick mobile editing and printing. This thermal shipping printer is a top choice for its blend of speed, versatility, and ease of use, and is the best shipping label printer for ebay, Amazon and other platforms.

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Buy the iDPRT SP410BT on Amazon now!

2. iDPRT SP420: Versatile 4-Inch Label Printer

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Why We Recommend:

Large Capacity Paper Bay: Accommodates various label types.

Low Noise Printing: Operates quietly, ideal for any setting.

Error Reprint Function: Ensures accuracy in every print.

idprt SP420 thermal shipping label printer with a large paper compartment.png

This best label printer for shipping boasts a large capacity paper compartment, making it versatile enough to handle different types of labels, such as fan-fold paper, thermal paper rolls and black mark paper.

With a maximum print width of 108mm, its application range is impressively broad. Equipped with an advanced printing detection system, this 4-inch thermal label printer precisely positions labels, perfect for printing a variety of sizes and shapes.

Whether it’s 4x6 standard shipping labels, product labels, retail labels, or creatively shaped stickers like circles or ovals for product packaging, this thermal label printer handles them all with ease and precision. Its low noise operation is a bonus, ensuring a quiet and disturbance-free environment. The SP420 is absolutely best shipping label printer for small businesses and online stores.

Buy the iDPRT SP420 on Amazon now!

3. iDPRT SP310: 3-Inch Thermal Label Printer

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Why We Recommend:

Fashionable & Powerful: With a maximum print width of 80mm, this thermal label printer meets the everyday printing needs of small businesses and offices.

Dual Functionality: It’s a two-in-one wonder, adept at printing both receipts and labels.

User-Friendly: Easy label loading and a quick-replacement design for the printer head make it a breeze to use.

This 3-inch thermal label printer offers a stable USB connection and dual functionality for receipts and labels. It can print a variety of labels and receipts, such as bubble tea labels , drink labels, clothing tags, price labels, and order receipts for small businesses, retail stores and restaurants.

This compact label printer is also well-suited for office environments, handling smaller-sized address labels, mail labels, file folder labels, and organization labels with ease.

idprt SP310 thermal label printer with a large motor.png

Featuring a large motor and gear, the SP310 delivers extremely stable continuous printing. The fully enclosed gear design prevents dust entry, enhancing durability.

Its simplicity shines through in its ease of use, with straightforward operations like changing the print head and loading paper rolls, making it user-friendly even for beginners. Additionally, the SP310 operates economically, requiring only thermal paper for printing.

Buy the iDPRT SP310 on Amazon now!

In summary, the iDPRT SP410BT, SP420, and SP310 represent the pinnacle of shipping label printers for 2024, each tailored to meet diverse business needs. iDPRT presents a range of shipping label printers with different functions and styles, inviting you to explore these top picks on Amazon to find the perfect fit for your labeling needs.

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