How to Efficiently Print Labels in Bulk for Cosmetics Exported to China?

2023-11-02 16:38

According to data from the Global Trade Atlas, in 2022, China import of cosmetics reached a staggering $22.39 billion, accounting for 13.7% of the global cosmetics trade, making it the second-largest cosmetics market in the world. Numerous international brands are eyeing Chinese growing cosmetics market. To succeed, understanding and following local regulations is crucial to avoid risks like fines or recalls. In this scenario, cosmetic exporting to China requires compliant cosmetic labels as an essential step.

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Regulatory Requirements for Labels on Cosmetics Exported to China

As per the regulations issued by the China Food and Drug Administration, the smallest sales unit of a cosmetic product must have a label. The cosmetic product label must comply with relevant laws, administrative regulations, and mandatory national standards, ensuring the content is truthful, complete, and accurate.

Exporting cosmetics to China can either directly use Chinese labels or have Chinese labels affixed; the content on the Chinese label should be consistent with the original label.

Labels on cosmetics exported from the USA, France, and other foreign countries are generally in the language of the country of origin, such as English, French, German, etc. Affixing Chinese labels helps Chinese consumers better understand the cosmetic ingredient label, including product name, ingredients, usage, etc., playing a crucial role in enhancing consumer awareness and protecting their health.

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However, the real challenge lies in how to quickly print a large number of makeup labels in Chinese and affix them to the product packaging in a short time. These labels are often small in size but contain rich content like product ingredients, net content, expiration date, usage methods, and safety warnings.

The printing must be clear and accurate. Manufacturers are eager to complete the labeling process quickly to arrange timely shipments. Regular label printers often fall short in handling such high-intensity tasks.

iDPRT iX4P Industrial Printer: The Quality Choice for Bulk Printing of Cosmetic Labels

The iDPRT iX4P Industrial label printer is designed specifically for large-scale label printing. It is robust, durable, and performs reliably. It excels in printing packaging labels in the food and cosmetics sectors, maintaining stable output even in continuous, heavy-duty printing tasks.

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Moreover, it is also suitable for logistics, warehousing, manufacturing, and medical fields, efficiently and accurately printing product labels, accessory barcodes, logistics labels, and fixed asset labels.

1. High-speed printing

Features high-speed printing capabilities, achieving a printing speed of 14 ips at 203dpi resolution. For higher precision requirements, 300 dpi can be selected.

2. High adaptability

This Industrial printer is compatible with synthetic paper, silver paper, and other common cosmetic label materials. It also supports continuous labels, gap labels, black mark labels, punched hole labels, etc.

3. Precision Printing

Supports multiple positioning methods, smooth paper feeding, accurate positioning, and no offset.

4.Multiple Printing Protocols

Supports ZPL, DPL, and EPL programming languages, easily integrating with various systems and applications.

5. Rich Interfaces

Comes standard with USB, USB HOST, Ethernet port, and serial port. For different application needs, users can also choose Wi-Fi and parallel port options, offering more connection choices and flexibility.

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6. Ease of Operation

Features a 3.5-inch TFT touchscreen with an intuitive interface and simple operation settings. The print head is modular, making replacements more convenient.

The potential for exporting cosmetics to China is enormous, but to ensure smooth entry and gain consumer trust, compliant Chinese labels are key. The iDPRT iX4P Industrial printer offers manufacturers and exporters a highly efficient, accurate, and flexible label printing solution, ensuring that each product meets Chinnese cosmetic labeling requirements, thereby laying a solid foundation for the brand success in the Chinese market.

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