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2022-11-11 14:02

With the impact of the global covid epidemic, the number of home learning online has increased, rapidly stimulating the demand for home printers. Many parents will ask what kind of home printers will be suitable.

According to IDC market research data in 2021, the sales volume of China’s printer market reaches 18.452 million units, with a market scale of 35.21 billion yuan, including 3.38 billion yuan for household printers. There is still room for China’s household printer penetration rate to rise. With the rise of domestic brands and the trend of equipment innovation, the future household printer market will maintain a high growth rate.

At present, the mainstream household A4 printing devices at the consumer end can be divided into four types: inkjet, laser, thermal transfer and direct thermal.

In recent years, thanks to technological breakthroughs and lower production costs, the application of thermal transfer printing technology has become more and more extensive, and rapidly moved to the household market.

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For the current environment, daily office work increasingly depends on smart devices. With the rapid promotion of cloud services and the Internet of Things, printers are more closely connected with PC, smartphones and other devices. The market demand for portable printers is strong, and the use of printers is no longer limited to offices. You can print documents anytime and anywhere in the car, subway, home, or even on the journey.

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According to the survey data, the proportion of consumers buying direct thermal and thermal transfer printers in the past three years is close to 30%, and the household purchase rate of ink-jet printers in the past three years has decreased by more than 20%. This is related to the fact that the thermal transfer printers do not need to add liquid ink, toner and other consumables, which avoids the drawbacks of traditional ink-jet printers such as ink leakage and dust pollution of laser printing, and reduces the later maintenance costs, so that they can quickly occupy the household user market.

Here are several points when choosing a home printer. 1) Liability: The rise of new domestic brands has promoted the rise of many emerging domestic printers, and achieved differentiation in hardware innovation and APP content, which is unmatched by foreign printers. 2) Stability: The demand for high-frequency printing brought about by home learning and office work is an important indicator to test the stability of the printer. No maintenance is required, just install simple solid ink cartridges, and thermal transfer printing technology is undoubtedly the first choice. 3) Accessibility: Printers are precision instruments. Most families lack maintenance knowledge. Simple printers are "easy to use" for everyone. 4) Economical: With the improvement of residents’ consumption level, most families have changed from the previous consumption habit of pursuing low prices to the pursuit of full-featured and upgraded high-end printers.

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iDPRT Future 800 home printer can be very suitable for home and offices applications with following features:

Wireless Printing: iDPRT A4 thermal printer helps you realize wireless printing to meet the diverse printing needs for your work and daily life! Just connect your A4 paper printer to your app "HerePrint" via Wi-Fi or hotspot, and you can let the printer in your home or office print the files. At the same time, in the case of no network, you can also make a wired connection with your laptop via the provided USB cable (External power required). Smaller than traditional home printers.

Fast Printing: With the high printing speed of 4 IPS (inch per second), our A4 paper printer can print an A4 paper(8.27 × 11.69 inch) in 3 seconds, 2-3 times faster than traditional printers. The 100-sheet paper capacity avoids the trouble of frequent replacement. The paper will be auto-cut immediately when turned on, no need to preheat in advance. Because what works fast fits better into your busy life, whether you’re on the go or in a hurry, the A4 paper printer gets printing at professional speed. Note: Special matching thermal A4 paper is required, which you can purchase through ASIN: B0B4B5Z3VV.

Thermal Printing Technology: Compared with traditional laser printers and inkjet printers, the iDPRT mobile printer for vehicles with zero ink and zero toners makes you no longer have to worry about dust pollution and frequent clogging problem. The thermal printing technology makes the A4 paper printer friendly to the planet and its future generations, better environment, better tomorrow.

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