The Ultimate Laboratory Labeling Solution: iDPRT iT4P Thermal Transfer Printer

2023-08-10 17:26

Upon entering a biomedical or pharmaceutical laboratory, you might immediately notice the array of labels and warnings affixed to reagent bottles, lab tubes, and lab equipment. Today, most laboratories have bid farewell to handwritten labels, instead opting for label printers to handle their increasingly complex labeling needs. If label content is unclear or barcodes become blurred, it could lead to sample confusion, or even cause a halt in experiments. These challenges highlight the importance of clear, durable, and efficient labeling in laboratories. In response to this, iDPRT has introduced the iT4P thermal transfer printer, which has become a comprehensive labeling solution for laboratories.

iT4P thermal transfer printer

Labeling in Laboratories

A variety of lab equipment, from test tubes and sample containers to larger apparatus like microscopes or centrifuges, require accurate labeling.

These labels typically include information such as the name of the sample, a specific barcode (like Code 128 or a 2D barcode), the date of collection or creation, the individual responsible for it, and any pertinent safety or handling details.

experiment in the lab

Moreover, it is imperative to place safety warning labels on containers or designated storage cabinets for laboratory materials that are prone to combustion, explosion, or exhibit toxic or corrosive properties. This ensures a clear precautionary notice for users.

experiment in the lab

Producing labels for a laboratory setting is no small feat. The market is flooded with portable label printers for quick and easy printing, yet the thermal labels they dispense are frequently susceptible to heat and chemical damage.

With the passage of time, these labels can lose their clarity, causing potential mix-ups with samples and even jeopardizing patient diagnosis. However, with the HPRT iT4P barcode printer, there is a formidable solution at hand.

iDPRT iT4P: A Comprehensive Labeling Solution for Labs

High-quaility & Durable Label Printing

The iDPRT iT4P desktop label printer employs thermal transfer printing technology, using a heated printhead to transfer the carbon powder from a ribbon onto the label, resulting in durable labels and barcodes.

Versatile Label Substrate Support

This distinction is critical: unlike thermally-sensitive labels that that tend to blur and can’t withstand heat, the iT4P can accommodate a variety of label materials such as PP, PET, and vinyl. These materials can withstand extreme temperature fluctuations, resist corrosion from most chemicals, and maintain readability and integrity over long periods.

carbon tape in the iDPRT iT4P desktop label printer

Diverse Label Dimensions Compatibility

In laboratories, with a myriad of differently-sized containers, reagent bottles, and equipment, the required label sizes also vary considerably. The iT4P thermal transfer printer adeptly manages this diversity, supporting print widths ranging from 25.4mm to 118mm.

Whether it is large instrument labels, conspicuous warning signs, or slender blood sample barcodes, the iT4P can print with ease. Furthermore, the types of labels used in laboratories are extensive, including continuous paper, gap labels, and black mark tags; the iT4P adeptly handles these varied label types.


The iT4P series label printer offers two printing resolutions: 203dpi and 300dpi. For those needing to print small, detail-rich content and barcodes, the 300dpi option is more suitable. Its printing speed is also commendable – with a rate of up to 8ips at 203dpi, it can swiftly print up to 180 labels of 6.5cm length per minute.

Versatile Barcode Printing Capability

This professional barcode printer is capable of printing a vast range of barcodes, including the frequently used Code 128, EAN, and QR codes in labs. Especially with the rising use of QR codes, the iT4P can interface with laboratory information management systems to batch generate and print an abundance of laboratory barcode labels. Scanning these QR codes will then promptly display all parameters of the samples.

Ease of Use

Ease of use is another highlight of this printer. It features a 3.5-inch LCD touchscreen, ensuring intuitive operations. Changing the printhead is a breeze, allowing even novices to get the hang of it swiftly.

iDPRT iT4P thermal transfer printer equipped with easy replaceable TPH


In terms of connectivity, optional WiFi and Bluetooth connections are available, offering users increased flexibility and convenience. For instance, if your lab is a large, open space without fixed workstations, the WiFi feature allows label printing from anywhere without being tethered by long cables or needing to move the printer. Additionally, by incorporating optional modules like a cutter or label peeler, labeling efficiency is significantly enhanced.

iDPRT iT4P thermal transfer printer offers multiple optional modules

Lab Label Design Tool

You can also utilize our free Label Design Software to edit various laboratory labels, such as blood tube labels, test tube labels, lab specimen labels, laboratory reagent labels, etc.

The iT4P thermal transfer printer is robust, durable, and offers excellent value for money. It is ideal for medical and clinical labs, biochemical research facilities, pharmaceutical and biotech companies, and university labs. Clear and easily readable labels and barcodes will significantly reduce various hassles in the lab setting. Moreover, beyond the laboratory environment, the iT4P can print asset labels, circuit board labels, and wire and cable tags, providing a comprehensive labeling solution for your organization or enterprise.

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