What Are Variable Data Labels and How to Print Them?

2023-11-16 18:31

Variable Data Printing (VDP) has emerged as a significant digital printing method, renowned for its customization capabilities, particularly in marketing. In sectors like production, manufacturing, and logistics, the role of variable data label printing is indispensable. This article delves into what variable data labels are and the effective methods of printing them.

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What are Variable Data Labels?

Variable data labels represent a breakthrough in print technology, allowing each label in a print run to be distinct. Imagine a series of variable data barcode labels; each one could represent a different product, each with its own story told through barcodes, QR codes, or serial numbers. They can also encapsulate a range of product attributes, descriptions, or even customer-specific information.

The magic behind this is variable data label printing, a digital printing method that merges a label template with a database, creating a multitude of custom labels in one fell swoop.

Shipping labels and address labels are common examples of variable data labels that many people recognize. Utilizing a label printer, each label can be customized with specific details such as the recipient’s name, address, and a unique tracking barcode—these are the variable elements that define the label.

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Additionally, by leveraging the Excel import feature of the label printer software, data from Excel can be easily transformed into batches of customized labels, significantly enhancing work efficiency.

This capability allows for the production of multiple labels from one fundamental design template. This customization is pivotal for logistics efficiency, ensuring accurate delivery and real-time tracking of shipments.

In practical applications, especially in scenarios that demand high customization and traceability, such as traceable component barcodes and product labels, their use is even more pronounced.

Applications of Variable Data Labels

1.Industrial Manufacturing

In industrial manufacturing, variable data labels are widely applied. From intricate electronic components to complex automotive machinery parts, these labels enhance quality control and streamline the recall process by embedding vital information like batch numbers, product barcodes such as Code 39, QR codes, manufacturing dates, and specific part details, ensuring each item is traceable from assembly to end-user.

iDPRT industrial barcode printers are engineered for high-volume, intensive barcode and label printing, featuring a robust all-metal body and high-quality print head. These barcode printers are perfectly suited for demanding applications in electronics manufacturing, mechanical parts production, and more.

They excel in printing variable data such as product barcodes, QR codes, and serial numbers. The newly introduced iK4 model this year has shown impressive performance in printing variable data labels and batch number stickers, capable of high-precision output with a positioning accuracy of up to ±0.2mm.

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These robust industrial label printers come equipped with a variety of interfaces, including USB Host, and offer flexible connectivity options like WiFi, parallel ports, and even advanced UHF RFID modules.

Their system and software compatibility is top-notch, supporting multiple printing protocols such as ZPL, DPL, and EPL, as well as common computer operating systems. They seamlessly integrate with enterprise systems like ERP, MES, and WMS used by factories and manufacturers.

2.Logistics Industry

In logistics, variable data typically includes elements such as tracking numbers, shipping addresses, recipient information, and delivery routes. These pieces of data are crucial for ensuring that packages are accurately sorted, routed, and delivered to the correct destinations.

3.Medical Industry

In the healthcare sector, variable data labels are used to ensure accurate patient identification, medication labeling, and to track specimens in laboratories.

For instance, the iDPRT desktop barcode printer can swiftly produce variable data labels including patient ID tags, prescription labels, and medical sample labels. This precise labeling helps prevent medical errors and supports healthcare providers in delivering personalized care.

Paired with the iDPRT handheld barcode scanner, the system allows for quick and accurate capture and reading of information, further enhancing the precision and efficiency of medication management.

As technology advances, the speed of generating variable data labels is increasing, raising the bar for the accuracy of label data. To address this, iDPRT has developed a new integrated label print and inspection system, which adds an OCR reading module to industrial printers. This ensures the variable data printed is free from duplicates, omissions, and even allows for the reprinting of damaged barcode labels.

If you are in search of a reliable printer for serial numbers, barcodes, or other variable data printing needs, feel free to contact us. iDPRT is committed to providing dependable and efficient printing solutions to enhance your work efficiency and productivity.

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