iDPRT's Medical Label and Wristband Printers Optimize Healthcare Efficiency

2023-12-26 15:12

Healthcare labelling in hospitals, from offices to clinics and labs, is crucial for patient safety and operational efficiency. These healthcare labels and barcodes, including custom printed wristbands, prescription labels, and blood tube labels, are clear, complete, and most importantly, easily scannable. With a range of sizes and specifications, IDPRT’s medical label printers deliver high-quality, compliant healthcare labelling solutions for various medical settings, like hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies.

iDPRT’s Healthcare Solution

IDPRT, a brand nearing its ten-year milestone, is actively involved in the research, development, manufacturing, and sales of Hardware and Software solutions for Auto Identification and Data Collection (AIDC) applications. Our product range is extensive, including various types of barcode printers, barcode scanners, card printers, PDAs, and RFID barcode printers. This diversity in our product line showcases IDPRT’s commitment to innovation and meeting the dynamic needs of AIDC technology.

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In the healthcare sector, IDPRT offers an impressive array of medical barcode printers, encompassing desktop, mobile, industrial models, and even RFID printers. These healthcare printers are used for handling tasks like wristband printing, blood sample tube labelling, and hospital asset tagging, improving medical operations and inventory control.

iDPRT iD2X Wristband Printer

iDPRT iD2X Wristband Printer.png

The iDPRT iD2X, a reliable wristband printer, is redefining efficiency in hospitals.

This compact 2-inch label printer offers resolutions of 203/300dpi and supports media widths from 20mm to 60mm. iD2X wristband printer machine can print a variety of barcodes and QR codes, like common medical barcode 128, Data Matrix, GS1 DataBar.

iDPRT iD2X Wristband Printer prints wristbands and blood tube label.png

In many hospitals, the iD2X medical printer has become an essential tool, not just for printing wristbands but also for crucial patient identification labels, blood tube labels, specimen labels, and IV labels. It delivers stable connectivity through USB and Ethernet ports, and quickly prints high-quality medical labels for patient identification and accurate tracking of blood samples and other purposes.

iDPRT iD4 and iT4 Series Desktop Barcode Label Printers

The iDPRT iD4 and iT4 series, as versatile 4-inch desktop barcode label printers, are ideal for a wide range of healthcare labelling applications. These medical label printers use direct thermal and thermal transfer printing technologies, and support printing many medical label supplies, like thermal labels, synthetic labels, tamper-evident labels, and PET labels.

iD4 and iT4 series can serve as pharmacy label printers, and also excel in printing blood bag labels and warning labels, and so on.

iDPRT iT4R desktop RFID printer.png

Notably, the iT4R model within this series has the added capability of printing RFID labels. This feature is particularly significant in hospitals for the management of supplies, equipment, and assets. The use of RFID technology in these labels allows for enhanced tracking and inventory management, ensuring that medical resources are efficiently utilized and easily traceable.

Case Study: iDPRT iT4E Barcode Printer at a Singapore Vaccination Center

Below images is the application of the iDPRT iT4E barcode printer at a vaccination center in Singapore. This 4-inch thermal transfer desktop barcode printer swiftly prints COVID-19 vaccination registration barcodes, facilitating rapid ID verification and data entry for vaccine recipients.

iDPRT iT4E Barcode Printer at a Singapore Vaccination Center.png

iDPRT iT4E Barcode Label Printer at a Singapore Vaccination Center.png

When combined with iDPRT barcode scanners, this system significantly speeds up the identification and registration process, enhancing the efficiency of the vaccination workflow and contributing to effective public health management during the pandemic.

With iDPRT’s outstanding medical label printers and advanced printing solutions, healthcare facilities can expect seamless operations and improved inventory control, essential for high-quality patient care.

iDPRT’s medical label printers excel in boosting operational efficiency and optimizing inventory management for medical institutions. Choose iDPRT’s solutions – where precision meets efficiency.

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