How to Choose the Right Barcode Printer

2024-02-28 16:55

Barcode printers come in many types, how to choose the right one for your business? It’s absolutely a challenge, especially for Greenhand. Here, we provide you with a detailed guide on various types of barcode label printers, categorized by different classification dimensions. And we’ll help you make an informed decision.

Based on Printing Needs and Volume

1. Handheld Barcode Printers: Ideal for on-the-go printing needs. These portable barcode printers are perfect for businesses requiring mobility and flexibility, such as the iDPRT T300 PRO 3-inch Wireless Barcode Printer.

portable barcode printer.png

This Bluetooth barcode printer supports wireless connectivity, helping field staff instantly print logistics labels, transit slips, and shipping labels on-site.

2. Desktop Barcode Printers: Best suited for small to medium print volumes. Desktop barcode label printers are compact, fit for offices, retail environments, healthcare settings, and other application scenarios with limited space.

desktop barcode printer.png

3. Industrial Barcode Printers: Designed for high-volume printing and variable data printing. Industrial barcode printers are robust, offering durability and reliability for manufacturing and warehouse settings.

industrial barcode printer.png

Based on Application Scenarios

According to specific application scenarios, they can be divided into many types including:

1. Wristband Printers: Tailored for healthcare and entertainment sectors. They provide durable and comfortable wristbands for patient identification or event access control.


iDPRT iE2X 2-Inch Thermal Transfer Printer is your ideal solution for creating custom wristbands. With a media printing width range of 20mm to 60mm, it can print patient IDs, names, symbols, barcodes, and QR codes at a fast speed. Compatible with Tyvek, PP, synthetic paper, and fabric wristbands, this wristband printer offers unparalleled flexibility for all your printing needs.

2. Jewelry Label Printers: Crafted for custom printing the fine details including tiny barcodes, and serial number, needed for small, intricate labels on jewelry items.

Jewelry labels.png

3. Shipping Label Printers: Essential for logistics. They efficiently produce shipping labels, address labels, and packing labels, enhancing the speed and accuracy of package delivery.

shipping label printer.png

4. Wire and Cable Label Printers: Specialized for the energy sector. They are commonly portable thermal transfer printers, that withstand harsh conditions and support printing on durable materials such as PET, PP, and other plastics, crucial for safety and compliance.

Wire Label Printer.png

5. Fixed Asset Printers: Creating barcode and QR code labels for tracking company, factory and plant assets, ensuring accurate inventory control.

Based on Printing Size and Resolution

A key specification of barcode label printer is the print width. Based on it, they can be categorized into different sizes, ranging from 2-inch, 3-inch, 4-inch to even expansive 6-inch models.

Portable barcode printers are often compact 2-inch or 3-inch models, ideal for mobile printing, and 6-inch printers, are typically found in industrial settings.

As for resolution, barcode printers are available in 203, 300, and 600 dpi options. The common resolutions of 203 and 300 dpi meet the needs of most industries, offering clear, readable prints.

However, for tasks demanding the utmost precision, such as printing detailed barcodes for electronic components or precision instruments, the higher 600 dpi barcode printers are the go-to choice.


Additionally, factors such as the required interface connectivity and whether a screen is needed are also important considerations when selecting a barcode printer type.

iDPRT is a premier provider of barcode printers, offering a wide array of models tailored to meet the specific needs of various industries. Our products are recognized internationally, with the necessary export certifications.

We provide professional OEM/ODM service in meeting the customized demands of clients. Whether it’s developing new functionalities or customizing the appearance of a printer, iDPRT is equipped to bring your unique requirements to life. Welcome to contact us and let iDPRT be your partner in achieving operational excellence and innovation.

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