How to Properly Create and Print Your UPC Barcodes to Meet GS1 Standards?

2024-03-29 17:54

UPC barcodes are an identification tool by retailers and manufacturers to track inventory, manage pricing, and improve efficiency. If you have obtained GTIN codes, and you need to transform them into a UPC barcodes and print them out for product labeling, here are the key considerations throughout the process, from creation to printing of barcode and placement.

Generating the UPC Barcodes

Creating a UPC barcode is a vital step. The generated UPC barcode should be clear and readable by a scanner.

You can do this by a professional UPC barcode printing software like the iDPRT Label Designer. It helps you produce high-resolution barcode images and also allows you to customize barcode labels in content and formats.

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Adjusting the Size of UPC Barcodes

The size of your UPC barcode will depend on the size of your product and the type of packaging you are using. UPC barcodes have a fixed aspect ratio. Therefore, adjusting one dimension necessitates a proportional change in the other dimension to preserve the barcode’s scannability.

When adjusting the size of a barcode based on the packaging or label size, please be careful not to distort the barcode by dragging it. Doing so may affect the readability of the barcode.

It is important to make sure that the barcode is large enough to be scanned easily, but not so large that it takes up too much space on your product.

Customizing the UPC Barcode Labels

You may want to customize labels with barcode to match your branding or product packaging in many ways, including

● Adding your company logo or name.

● Changing the color of the barcode.

● Adding a border or frame around the barcode.

Regarding barcode colors, GS1 specifies that UPC barcodes require dark colors for the bars. It is not recommended to customize the barcode bars with red, green, blue, or other colors.

The reason is simple: common 1D laser scanners use red light, so red barcode bars will interfere with the scanning process and render the barcode unreadable.

Moreover, GS1 specifies that the quiet zones and spaces of their barcodes must have light backgrounds to guarantee clear and legible barcodes. Generally, the quiet zone is typically about 1/4 inch or 6.35 mm on each side of the barcode.

In practice, UPC barcodes with black bars and white backgrounds provide the best scanning effect due to their high contrast.

Printing the UPC Barcode Labels

UPC barcode labels have many types, they can be colorful or simple monochrome.

For monochrome UPC code printing, like product SKU barcodes, packaging labels, thermal barcode printers are suitable.

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iDPRT offers a wide range of barcode label printers with various configurations. They are easy to use and maintain, compatible with multiple label materials, and built to last.

The included barcode software allows you to easily generate UPC/EAN barcodes, customize label designs, and print variable barcodes in batches.

For regular-sized printing of UPC barocde you can choose a 203dpi label printer. For small-sized barcode labels, it’s recommended to choose a printer with 300dpi or higher.

To boost operational efficiency, choose an iDPRT UPC barcode printer with an automatic cutter or label peeling module for faster labeling.

Placing the UPC Barcodes

The final step is to place the UPC barcodes on your products and packaging.

Typically, UPC barcode labels should be affixed in a location with clear space around them and away from the edges to guarantee they can be easily scanned by retailers. Ensure a smooth printing surface for optimal scanning.

For more placement details, recommend reading Guidelines for GS1 Barcode Symbol Placement.

By following the steps outlined in this blog post, you can create, print, and place UPC barcodes that optimize product identification and tracking, therefore streamlining your operations and enhancing customer experience.

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