Badge Scanners Boost Efficiency with Quick QR Code Badge Scanning at Exhibitions and Events

2024-05-09 17:09

In bustling fairs, exhibitions, and large events, the application of QR codes has become increasingly prevalent. From paper badges adorned with QR codes to digital passes displayed on smartphones, event organizers are leveraging these technologies to streamline attendee check-ins.

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What are the advantages of QR code badges and tickets? What types of event badge scanners are commonly used? This article will guide you through these questions.

Benefits of QR Code Badges and Tickets

QR codes have emerged as the preferred type of pass and ticket for event access due to several compelling reasons.

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1. Enhanced Data Capacity

QR codes can store significant amounts of data compared to traditional barcodes. This capability allows for the encoding of detailed attendee information, enhancing both the security and personalized experience of event entry.

2. Rapid Production and Distribution

QR codes streamline the badge issuance process through:

● Quick generation and seamless distribution via digital platforms, reducing the lead time from production to delivery.

● Easy dissemination through emails or mobile apps, facilitating last-minute registrations and changes.

3. Dual Format Versatility

QR codes are uniquely adaptable, supporting both digital and physical ticketing options:

● Mobile QR Code Badges: Attendees can store tickets on their devices, promoting a paperless environment and reducing the costs associated with pass printing.

● Paper QR Code Badges and ID Cards: Provides a physical option for attendees who prefer tangible tickets or cards, with the same encoded data as digital versions.

Event Badge Scanners for Scanning QR Codes

Badge scanners for trade shows and events come in various forms, each catering to specific event needs. Here are some of the most common types:

1. Handheld 2D Barcode Scanner

2. 2D Stationary Barcode Scanner

3. Embedded Barcode Scanners

Choosing the right event badge scanner at exhibitions or trade shows depends on several factors including event size, attendee flow, budget constraints, and logistical preferences.

For example, at a medium-sized trade show, organizers may opt for handheld scanners to check tickets both at the entrance and at the entry points to individual seminar rooms, allowing for easy movement and versatility.

For very large-scale events with a high volume of attendees, where efficiency and security are crucial, embedded barcode scanners are often the preferred choice over common handheld barcode scanners.

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Embedded barcode scanners are integrated directly into entry gates or turnstiles, facilitating a hands-free scanning process that accelerates entry flow. This setup not only speeds up the check-in process but also reduces the likelihood of bottlenecks at entry points.

Additionally, these event ticket scanners typically feature advanced imaging technologies capable of reading QR codes from various angles and in different lighting conditions, ensuring reliable scanning regardless of environmental factors.

iDPRT HE 1218WA embedded barcode scanner.png

The iDPRT HE-1218WA is a high-performance self-induction embedded barcode scanner that delivers rapid and accurate scanning across a variety of common one-dimensional and two-dimensional codes, including digital QR codes on smartphones.

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It features multiple interfaces and can be flexibly embedded into kiosks, turnstiles, and other devices, helping event organizers speed up attendee entry and enhance the attendee experience.

Please visit our blog post Embedded Barcode Scanner for Retail POS and Kiosks for more details on the iDPRT HE-1218WA and its extensive applications.

Whether it’s a trade show, a corporate gathering, or a massive public exhibition, by incorporating badge scanners into the entry mechanisms of large exhibitions and events, organizers can ensure a rapid and secure admission process.

Planning to equip your upcoming expo with event badge scanners? Contact us today for expert scanner solutions tailored to your event needs.

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