Quick Guide to iDPRT Medical Label Printers' Applications in Hospitals and Medical Centers

2024-05-11 14:34

In hospitals, patient identification and medication management are among the most critical tasks for medical staff. iDPRT barcode printers, including direct thermal and thermal transfer printers, help hospitals achieve these objectives. These printers provide tailored solutions in different hospital departments, including the registration desk, pharmacy, and infusion centers. Next, let’s explore these unique applications in more detail.

Hospital Registration Desk: iD2X Wristband Printer

patient wristband.png

Wristbands serve as a primary identifier for patients throughout their hospital stay, particularly for inpatients. At the hospital registration desk, nurses utilize the iD2X 2-Inch Desktop Direct Thermal Printer to generate patient wristbands embedded with QR codes for each patient.

iD2X wristband printer.png

Using direct printing technology, the iD2X wristband printer helps medical staff quickly print crisp and high-resolution QR code wristbands on site. It is compact and efficient, ideal for tight spaces at busy front desks.

Hospital Pharmacy: iD4S Medication Label Printer

Medication Label.png

In the busy hospital pharmacy, the iD4S 4-inch direct thermal barcode printer empowers staff to swiftly print detailed medication labels and drug labels, including drug information, dosages, patient instructions, and barcodes.

iD4S 4 inch direct thermal barcode printer.png

Furthermore, utilizing the iDPRT handheld barcode scanner facilitates efficient dispensing and secure management by swiftly scanning the barcodes on medication labels.

The iD4S offers 203/300 dpi printing options and can print multilingual text, lines, graphics, various barcodes, and QR codes. This thermal barcode printer is robust and durable, and easy to use and maintain, ideal for handling the demands of a high-volume, fast-paced hospital pharmacy environment.

versatile interfaces of iD4S thermal barcode printer.png

Additionally, Its multiple interfaces and compatibility with different programming languages enable seamless integration with various medical systems.

Infusion Center: iD4S IV Bag Label Printer

IV Bag Label.png

The iD4S 4-inch direct thermal barcode printer is also utilized within hospital infusion centers due to its outstanding performance and reliability.

The IV labels and stickers it produces contain a wealth of information, such as patient name, the name and dosage of the infusion liquid, batch number, expiration date, and any necessary warnings or precautions. The layout of the labels is neat, precise, and professional, meeting healthcare standards and requirements.

It can adjust the printing width according to actual needs, allowing for the printing of IV Bags and bottle labels in various sizes, such as 1.75x2.5, 2x3, and 2x4 inches, among others.

Laboratory Departments: iT4X Laboratory Label Printer

For laboratory departments, accurate and durable labeling of specimens and test tubes is important. That’s why laboratory staff prefer using the iDPRT iT4X thermal transfer barcode printer.

idprt it4x thermal transfer printer.jpg

The iT4X laboratory label printer can produce high-quality prints of specimen numbers, tracking barcodes, collection dates, and other information on various label materials, such as PP, PET, synthetic labels, etc.

Laboratory staff can then affix these lab labels to various containers such as test tubes, vials, cassettes, etc. The barcode labels printed via thermal transfer can withstand high temperatures, cryogenic freezing, friction, alcohol, and other chemical corrosions, eliminating concerns about smudging or fading.

iDPRT medical label printers assist medical staff in generating clear and compliant barcode labels, including patient wristbands, medication labels, IV bag labels, and laboratory labels. We offer comprehensive medical label printing solutions that cater to the needs of various departments in hospitals, including front desks, pharmacies, infusion centers, laboratories, and more. Feel free to contact us to receive your personalized medical label printing solution at no cost!

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