Clothing RFID tag solution

2022-09-26 16:40

In the clothing fashion industry, Zara is the top of the clothing industry, the direction of many major fashion brands, and the high imitation ancestor of the fashion clothing industry.

INDITEX, Zara’s parent company, is a clothing retailer, including Zara, Massimo Dutti, Bershka and many other brands.

The clothing sales of their family are increasing every day. Zara can fully grasp the clothing situation and timely replenish the clothing, whether it is out of stock in quantity, out of stock in yards or out of fashion clothing. This is mainly because Zara ’s parent company Inditex uses RFID electronic tag.

Inditex said that RFID electronic tags can improve inventory management efficiency, improve customer service experience and strengthen security. Rapid replenishment is critical to any company’s profits.

RFID electronic clothing tag is one kind of electronic tag. Clothing sales will be affected by many factors, such as sales season, sales location, fashion trend, product price, etc. RFID clothing tags can provide real-time feedback on commodity sales, and play a very important role in clothing enterprises.

RFID electronic clothing tag

Advantages brought by RFID electronic tag to clothing industry: 1. make statistics on sales volume to achieve timely replenishment and distribution. Get accurate sales results quickly, and help the sales department replenish and distribute goods in time; Avoid affecting sales due to code breaking, stock shortage, etc. 2. Improve the efficiency of clothing operation and trace the full dynamics of production to sales. Monitor the sales of clothing from factories to retail stores, and improve the production of high-quality clothing products. 3. Reduce the production cost of RFID products. RFID electronic tag can be recycled and reused

RFID Data Terminal

iDPRT Ultra-High Frequency RFID Data Terminal can be connected through the handheld device sleeve accessories with handheld device. Outstanding appearance with all-in-one industrial design with large-capacity battery with 3200mAh. It adpots double-colored injection molding for the housing, professional 2D scan engine. With the competitive price, this device is widely applied for warehouse management, RFID clothing tag.

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