Solutions for E-commerce Cloud Warehouse

2022-09-27 17:27

What is E-commerce Cloud Warehouse?

E-commerce cloud warehouse is a third-party warehouse distribution company that provides e-commerce enterprises with all-in-one warehouse distribution services. With the development of e-commerce and mobile Internet, warehouse distribution is not only an important part of commodity circulation, but also an important support of logistics activities.

E-commerce Cloud

How does the E-commerce Cloud Warehouse in operation?

The cloud warehouse system builds a "cloud warehouse network" by integrating the idle storage resources of the society, building national sub warehouses.

In the operation of cloud warehouse, after the customer places an order, OMS will transfer the order to the nearest warehouse, and the intelligent matching sub warehouse will use WMS to deliver goods and complete distribution nearby; The warehouse will feed back the storage of goods once after a certain period. If the stock is not enough, a replenishment application will be sent to the supplier through the central system. The cloud warehouse applies a unified central cloud system and intelligent sorting equipment, with efficient and fast order processing capacity and delivery efficiency.

What functions does E-commerce Cloud Warehouse have?

1. It plays a very good role in ensuring the quality of goods before entering the next link. Reduce the loss of cargo owners.

2. Speed up the circulation of goods and save circulation costs.

3. Prepare for goods entering the market in advance. Warehousing can enable the goods to complete the sorting, packaging, quality inspection, sorting and other procedures before entering the market, greatly reducing the working time of subsequent links and speeding up the circulation of goods.

4. To ensure the smooth process of social reproduction.

iDPRT solutions of E-commerce Cloud Warehouse

high speed thermal label printer

The annual Chinese June.18 and Nov.11 promotion are the time when the e-commerce cloud warehouse has the greatest bearing pressure. The single printer with higher printing speed, stronger bearing capacity, lower equipment failure rate and wider environmental adaptability obviously meets the demands and pain points of the e-commerce cloud warehouse application scenarios.

thermal label printer

On the eve of the June. 18 promotion in 2020, the regional e-commerce cloud warehouse was tested and introduced by the iDPRT high speed thermal label printer iD4P, which essentially reduced the working hours of staff, improved the working efficiency, effectively alleviated the problem of delay in order, warehousing and logistics conversion during the period of the promotion of warehouse explosion, increased the printing efficiency by more than 30%, reduced the after-sales rate by more than 50%, and improved the overall outbound efficiency significantly.

Desktop barcode printer

At present, the e-commerce cloud warehouse has made multiple printer deliveries of the case in multiple regions, with a total of more than 500 pcs. In the future, there will be printer demand and procurement plans to varying degrees on the eve of the June. 18 and the Nov. 11 promotion every year. Through practice, it has been proved that the scheme can effectively solve customers’ demands and pain points.

direct thermal barcode printer

The 4-inch direct thermal barcode printer iD4P effectively solves the problems of slow printing speed and low conversion efficiency in the warehouse. With a 200mm/s high-speed industrial print head, the printing speed exceeds 30% of the original products and is compatible with the seamless iteration of printing instructions, which truly realizes high-speed and high efficiency;

The 2.4 inch TFT color touch screen is configured to make the user’s operation more flexible and convenient, and enable rapid and effective troubleshooting, remote support and parameter configuration; The machine is equipped with a standard network port, which supports flexible deployment of network printing; The large storage space makes the printing process faster and can load more font choices.

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