How to Choose the Right Industrial Barcode Printer

2023-08-02 17:46

High-performance, high-volume barcode printing is a critical component in the manufacturing, warehousing, and logistics industries. Barcodes streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and reduce errors, making them indispensable in these sectors. Central to these operations is the industrial barcode printer, a device designed to meet the demanding needs of these industries. This article aims to guide industry users on how to choose a suitable industrial barcode printer to meet their specific industrial barcode labeling needs.

idprt industrial barcode printer

1.Basics of Industrial Barcode Printers

Industrial barcode printers are specialized devices designed for high-volume and high-speed printing of barcodes. They utilize two primary printing technologies: direct thermal and thermal transfer printing. Direct thermal printing applies heat directly to a thermally sensitive material, while thermal transfer printing uses a heated ribbon to produce durable, long-lasting barcodes.

Industrial barcode printers, unlike their ordinary desktop counterparts, offer:

● Increased print volumes and speeds, perfect for industries with high printing demands.

●Enhanced durability to endure harsh industrial environments.

●Support for a broader range of materials and label sizes.

● Additional connectivity options for integration with various systems.

Industrial barcode machines are the epitome of resilience and efficiency in demanding sectors such as manufacturing and logistics. Their defining characteristic is their capacity for sustainable, high-speed printing of barcodes, even under challenging conditions. With an industrial label printer machine, you’re investing in steadfast productivity and high-speed performance, ensuring your business stays ahead, regardless of the environment.

2.Selecting the Right Industrial Barcode Printer

Industrial barcode printers are versatile tools, suitable for a wide array of applications across various industries. From generating product identification labels in manufacturing to facilitating asset tagging in logistics and inventory management, these printers prove indispensable.

Choosing the right industrial barcode label printer involves careful consideration of several factors, each of which can significantly impact the printer’s performance and its suitability for your specific needs.

● Printing Speed

Industrial barcode printers can print tens of thousands of labels per day. For high-volume and demanding printing environments, speed is also a crucial factor. While common printing speeds are around 203 dpi / 5~6 ips, industries with high output may require faster speeds. The IDPRT iX4P 4-inch industrial barcode printer, for example, offers a remarkable speed of 14 ips, ensuring rapid response to high-demand situations.

idprt industrial barcode printer iX4P

● Printing Width

Industrial barcode printers offer flexibility with printing widths, typically 4-inch and 6-inch. The 4-inch width is ideal for standard barcodes, used in retail labeling, asset tagging, and e-commerce. On the other hand, the 6-inch width is suited for larger labels, often required in logistics for shipping labels and in manufacturing for large equipment identification. The choice between these widths depends on your industry’s specific needs.

● Resolution

Resolution plays a pivotal role in barcode printing, especially when precision is paramount. Industrial barcode printers typically offer resolutions of 203dpi, 300dpi, and 600dpi, each catering to different application needs.

For most standard barcode printing, a 203dpi resolution is typically sufficient, prioritizing readability. However, when a bit more detail is required, as in small product labeling or asset tagging, a 300dpi resolution printer is often the go-to choice, providing clearer and easily scannable barcodes.

However, for industries that demand the highest level of detail, a 600dpi resolution is necessary. This is particularly true for industries like jewelry, precision electronics, and eyewear, where labels are often small yet need to contain a lot of information. The IDPRT iX4P offers optional 600 dpi resolution, making it an ideal choice for these high-precision applications.

● Printing Media

The choice of printing media in industrial barcode printers can vary significantly across different industries, for example, synthetic paper labels are often used in industries where the labels need to withstand moisture, heat, or chemical exposure, like food and beverage, chemical industry. Vinyl labels, on the other hand, are known for their durability and resistance to water, chemicals, and UV rays, like outdoor equipment manufacturing.

The IDPRT iX4L, a high-performance industrial barcode printer, supports a wide range of media, including ECO thermal labels, coated semi-gloss art labels, synthetic paper labels, and vinyl. This makes it suitable for various industries, from retail and logistics to healthcare and outdoor equipment manufacturing, catering to their unique labeling needs.

idprt industrial barcode printer iX4P prints barcode labels

● Programming Languages

Printers have their own machine languages. These languages are sets of commands that instruct the printer on what and how to print. Most barcode printers on the market can only use one printing language, such as ZPL for Zebra or DPL for Datamax.

In contrast, IDPRT printers, like the iX4L, stand out for their versatility. They support multiple programming languages, including ZPL, DPL, and EPL. This broad compatibility allows IDPRT printers to integrate seamlessly into various systems, offering users greater flexibility and making them a robust choice for diverse printing needs.

idprt industrial barcode printer iX4P support multiple programming languages

● Connectivity Options

The range of connectivity options offered by an industrial barcode printer can significantly impact its versatility. A printer like the IDPRT iX4P, which provides not only USB but also USB HOST for offline printing, and optional Wi-Fi connections, can adapt to various operational needs. For instance, in a large warehouse, the Wi-Fi connectivity option of the iX4P can enable centralized control and wireless printing, simplifying operations and enhancing overall productivity and efficiency.

● Ease of Operation

In any fast-paced industrial environment, the ease of printer operation is crucial. Printers with user-friendly interfaces and features, such as the IDPRT iX4P with its larger 3.5-inch color touch screen, can significantly reduce downtime and increase productivity. For users who need to switch print resolutions, the modular design of this printer’s printhead allows users to easily replace the printhead with just two screws, making it very user-friendly.

the idprt industrial barcode printer iX4P equipped with 3.5 inch color touch screen

Additionally, the IDPRT iX4P supports optional accessories like a Peeler Module, Rewinding Module, or Cutter Module. These accessories can accelerate the labeling process, neatly collect printed labels, and provide precise label cutting, respectively.

The IDPRT iX4P stands out as one of the best industrial barcode printers on the market today, offering direct thermal and thermal transfer mode, high-speed printing and robust performance for high-volume needs. With its multiple connectivity options and support for various programming languages, it ensures seamless integration in diverse settings. Its wide range of printing media and optional accessories further enhance its versatility. Despite its advanced features, the iX4P maintains a competitive price, offering excellent value.

In addition to considering the above factors when purchasing, it’s also crucial to opt for a reputable printer brand. IDPRT stands at the forefront of industrial barcode printing technology, committed to providing a comprehensive range of industrial barcode printers. This includes the cost-effective iX4L and the high-performance iX4P, each equipped with a variety of features to cater to diverse needs.

RFID labels printed by the idprt industrial barcode printer iX4R

Moreover, with the advancement of RFID technology, IDPRT is also delivering top-notch RFID barcode solutions. For instance, their iX4R 4-inch industrial RFID barcode printer has been successfully implemented in Tongji Hospital’s Fixed Assets Solution. This application has significantly improved the efficiency and quality of the hospital’s fixed assets management, making the overall management more scientific, precise, and efficient. If you want to learn more about IDPRT’s industrial barcode solutions, industrial barcode printer price or are interested in becoming our business partner, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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