Example Applications Of iDPRT In Solid Waste Industry

2022-12-07 10:57

solid waste

From December 28, 2020 in China, the solid waste generating companies shall log in the national system to fill in and report, carry out the comprehensive control process, truly protect the environment and prevent secondary pollution; The whole plan takes "code" as the main line, runs through the whole process of solid waste generation, storage, transfer and disposal of the enterprise, so that the local environmental protection department can change from "errand management" to "online management", visually check each waste related enterprise and each solid waste packaging in the area, so that the enterprise can automatically and intelligently weigh, label, store, transfer and dispose each batch of solid waste, from "passive supervision" to "active management", and finally achieve "one code" co governance, forming a new solid waste management model jointly built by the government and enterprises.

Composition of solid waste intelligent management terminal collection system:

1. PC or tablet (carrier of running system)

2. Weighing scales (scales vary according to industry characteristics, such as floor scales, scales, platform scales, etc.);

3. Thermal transfer printer (select barcode printers of different specifications according to industry characteristics and field communication environment);

4. Scanner (used for warehouse information collection)

5. Surveillance camera (collecting the surrounding environment);

6. IC card or face recognition (operator identification)

iDPRT Solutions:

Desktop Barcode Printer

Print choice: iT4X+Bluetooth Desktop Barcode Printer

◆ 110mm maximum label width, fully meeting the size requirements of 10mm * 10mm;

◆ 300DPI ultra clear resolution;

◆ Large core 300m ribbon capacity;

◆ Efficient label printing with Bluetooth transmission

Warehouse scanning: HN-6278SR scanner

Handheld Barcode Scanner

◆ Deep scanning depth of field to meet the requirements of distance reading

◆ Millions of pixels can easily read blurry stains and high-density low contrast barcodes

◆ Highly integrated structure design, 1.5m drop proof, durable

◆ Support keyboard language output of more than 80 countries and Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Thai text output

◆ With charging communication cradle [open distance 100m]

The QR code identification label has really established a file for each solid waste. We can access all the information of each waste from the source to the end, and establish an ID card for each batch of waste, so that the emergency response to hazardous waste can be guaranteed. At the same time, it also makes the solid waste data clear at a glance, effectively manages waste discharge enterprises, and effectively protects the environment;

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