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2022-11-01 11:24

Nowdays, with the continuous spread of the covid-19 around the world, faced with the objective facts of the outbreak in many places, full nucleic acid is essential, but in the face of large-scale nucleic acid screening, how can you be organized? Nucleic acid detector face heavy workloads. How can we make precise nucleic acid orderly in busy? What’s complete nucleic acid detection process solution?

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In the face of the ever-changing epidemic situation and escalating demands and challenges for epidemic control and prevention, refined and scientific epidemic prevention measures are the defense line to win the battle against the epidemic.

iDPRT and Dehong Epidemic Prevention Center work together to purchase iT888 barcode label printer under iDPRT, which is used for printing nucleic acid test tube labels and packaging transport labels in the whole prefecture.

Thermal barcode label printer

Reliable medical printing application equipment can effectively facilitate the optimization and upgrade of medical services. At the nucleic acid detection point, medical personnel set the paper management of the Chinese-printed IT888 barcode label printer driver, and Dehong anti-epidemic system directly prints the label through the printer driver. Residents can enter personal information to generate qr code through a small program in advance, when sampling by our scanning QR code can be generated on behalf of the personal information of barcode and post them on the DNA sample tube, to realize the collection in the nucleic acid registration link, nucleic acid detection information need to check sample, sample collection, packaging link, receive link, test result feedback link a yard.

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iDPRT model iT888 barcode label printer compact structure, easy to display, does not occupy space, large capacity of memory support multi-language multi-vector font download and printing, full interface can adapt to a variety of applications, but also optional Bluetooth module, with Hancode can be printed by mobile phone directly. The barcode label printer of iDPRT can realize high-speed and accurate printing anytime and anywhere, whether it is the test tube label or the transfer label, it can quickly respond to the high flow demand.

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Through these cases, in the case of complex environment, the barcode label printer of iDPRT can effectively help medical staff optimize and improve efficiency, and reduce labor costs to a certain extent, so as to achieve efficient, convenient and accurate nucleic acid testing medical services.

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