iDPRT 100City Roadshow-Xiamen

2022-10-11 10:44

iDPRT is a new brand built by Xiamen Hanin Electric Technology Co., Ltd. in 2015, to be specialized in the R&D, manufacturing, and sales of the Hardware and Software solutions for Auto Identification and Data Collection (AIDC) application, such as different types of barcode printers, barcode scanners, card printers, PDA, RFID barcode printers, etc.

Xiamen Hanin Electric Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading supplier of many different thermal printers with more than 10 years of experience and technology deposition in the thermal printing areas, and already has a good achievement in the domestic and global markets. With a big R&D team of more than 250 engineers, iDPRT is always making efforts to supply different Hardware and Software solutions to satisfy every demand from the AIDC area.

After years of R&D exploring and technology progress, iDPRT has already launched a series of portable barcode printers, desktop barcode printers, industrial barcode printers, 1D and 2D barcode scanners, card printers, PDA, RFID barcode printers, etc., from the entry-level to the professional level, which is already widely used in many different industries, such as government, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, transportation, and logistics, etc. and satisfying the end users’ different printing demand.

iDPRT is having the 100 City Roadshow since last two years ago. 100 City Roadshow means we will have the Roadshow in more than 100 cities at least. During the Roadshow, iDPRT gathers the partners in the nearby region together and makes the presentations to illustrate who we are, what we are doing, what we will do, what we did, etc.

iDPRT Printer

After the cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Xi’an, Jinan, Kunming, and Xiamen city?(our home court) roadshow was held on September 29th, 2022?near to the sea. More than?45?partners joined this Roadshow to have a face-to-face meeting?to know more about iDPRT new products.

iDPRT Sharing Session

iDPRT high-end industrial barcode printer iK4 made a brilliant appearance during the roadshow which could support 3mm height label with less than 0.3mm bias, such high printing speed and high printing quality performance could meet special requirements, especially for some high precision labels, and our partner’s very interest in it. Meanwhile, our middle-end industrial barcode printer iX4P also with a good performance and supports 200dpi, 300dpi, and 600dpi optional with high printing speed up to 12ips, which could satisfy every different kind of application requirement from the customer side.

industrial barcode printer

Except for industrial barcode printers, we also displayed our new products including desktop barcode printers and mobile barcode printers, mobile computers, 3D printers, home printers, color photo printers, and barcode scanners which are widely used in various application scenarios. And we also invited our product engineer to introduce our products with specs and application scenarios to our partners, and let our partners know more about us and recommend our products as well.

mobile barcode printer

desktop barcode printer

portable barcode printer

3D printer

Are you interested in our products? we’re sure you have got plenty after the roadshow and be trusted in our iDPRT products, we’re willing to grow up with you in nearly future. If you have any good ideas about our roadshow or which city you want to see us in? Please keep following us and contact us freely.

iDPRT Exhibition

We ended the roadshow with our mascot named "Xiaoshengsheng" with a beautiful song....., let’s keep our memories and move forward, hope your business will be booming with iDPRT.

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