RFID Large Commodities Intelligent Warehouse Management

2022-08-16 17:02

Large commodities Intelligent warehouse

Intelligent warehouse

For a long time, large commodities such as refrigerators, color TVs, etc have had the drawbacks of large volumes, heavy weights, various packaging specifications, and low automation. It causes the storage processing to be time-consuming and labor-intensive and the error rate of goods in and out of the warehouse is high, which brings great challenges to warehousing and transportation.


The application scene of supply chain logistics introduced the RFID (RFID Radio Frequency Identification Device) technology which is a touchless auto-identification technology. It uses the RFID electronic tags to replace the original commodity barcodes, which is based on the ability of UHF RFID equipment to read in batches and touchless.

For the warehousing and logistic industry, RFID technology can prevent tampering with data from visible and invisible information on RFID tags. It can able to authenticity identification of goods and automatic tracking of shipping routes to ensure and escort the cargo safely. Meantime, there are lots of warehousing procedures for the large commodities so that its efficiency is lowly. It is obvious that improves the efficiency of large commodities in and out of the warehouse by identifying the RFID tags. In terms of after-sales reverse logistics and spare parts warehouse management, RFID technology can realize the identification of one item and one code, and avoid problems such as the incorrect version of returned products and untimely data updates.

In addition, RFID applications can access automatically capture data, automatically sorting-processing easily, to reduce the cost of picking up and delivery.

It improves the refined operation level of the overall warehousing. In this case, the RFID technology can also effectively reduce inventory turnover, reduce labor costs, and increase sales volume to the partners.

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