iDPRT HE-1218WA: Embedded Barcode Scanner for Retail POS and Kiosks

2024-03-20 18:13

An embedded barcode scanner is a compact, highly integrated scanning module that can be seamlessly embedded into various devices and systems. Now, It’s widely used in self-service machines, vending machines, and all-in-one cash registers, streamlining POS transactions for faster and more efficient customer experiences.

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iDPRT is a Chinese reliable provider and source factory of high-quality embedded 1D/2D barcode scanners, developing and manufacturing a wide range of scanner models. We also provide OEM embedded barcode scanner solutions to perfectly match your needs.

Today, we’re shining the spotlight on the iDPRT HE-1218WA. This powerful and versatile embedded barcode scanner offers a wide range of applications, from retail and catering to healthcare and travel.

Key Features of the iDPRT HE-1218WA Embedded Barcode Scanner

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The iDPRT HE-1218WA Measuring just 65 (D) x 61.5 (W) x 28.4 (H) mm and weighing only 31g, and is a compact and lightweight embedded barcode scanner that is ideal for integration into cash registers, kiosks and other OEM self-service terminals.

It can read various 1D and 2D barcodes, both printed and on mobile devices. This embedded 2D barcode scanner offers many benefits, including:

1. Rapid and Precise Scanning

The IDPRT HE-1218WA rapidly and precisely scans 1D and 2D barcodes in any orientation. Its high-resolution CMOS sensor (640*480 pixels) and omnidirectional scanning technology ensure efficient and accurate data capture.

Additionally, an ultra-large recognition window helps to recognize various barcodes smoothly.

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2. Automatic Reading

The IDPRT HE-1218WA streamlines workflows with automatic reading via advanced induction. It instantly activates upon object approach, eliminating manual triggering for faster data capture.

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An intelligent fill light system automatically adjusts the illumination according to the screen brightness, ensuring accurate barcode identification on screens of varying brightness.

3. Multiple Interfaces

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The HE-1218WA offers a variety of connectivity options, including USB, RS-232, and TTL.

Compliant with CE/FCC/RoHS certifications, it has been exported to numerous countries worldwide, meeting the regulatory requirements of various markets.

Applications of the iDPRT HE-1218WA Embedded Barcode Scanner

The iDPRT HE-1218WA Embedded Barcode Scanner offers wide compatibility with Windows, Linux, Android, Arduino, and Raspberry Pi systems, applying to diverse scenarios.

1. Retail Point of Sale (POS) Systems

Integrate the HE-1218WA into POS systems and self-checkout kiosks for fast and accurate scanning of product barcodes and mobile payments, minimizing wait times.

2. Food Service and Hospitality

In the food service industry, these embedded 2D barcode scanner modules are used in self-ordering kiosks, enabling customers to place orders and pay without staff assistance. This technology improves order accuracy and speeds up service delivery in fast-food restaurants, cafeterias, and hotels.

3. Vending Machines and Automated Retail

The HE-1218WA facilitates cashless transactions in vending machines and retail units, like toy, snack and beverage vending machines. They allow customers to select and purchase items seamlessly through fast mobile payment.

4. Healthcare

In healthcare settings, embedded 2D barcode scanner modules are often integrated into self-service kiosks to allow patients to make mobile payments and access medical reports. This can reduce wait times and improve efficiency for patients.

5. Event Ticketing and Management

The HE-1218WA embedded barcode scanner can rapidly validate both paper tickets and mobile QR codes at entry points of large-scale events including concerts, sporting events, and amusement park. This reduces queues and enhances the attendee experience. facilitating swift entry and alleviating congestion.

6. Public Transportation

In public transportation locations such as train stations and subway stations, turnstiles integrated with the HE-1218WA embedded barcode scanner quickly recognize passengers’QR codes and eTravel QR codes, facilitating swift passage and making travel more convenient for passengers.

iDPRT offers a variety of self-service hardware solutions, including embedded barcode scanners and kiosk printing modules. These components can seamlessly integrate into your OEM equipment, elevating the functionality of your devices, and enabling connection to the IoT for real-time data exchange. Contact us to explore how our solutions can enhance your operations.

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