What is a VIN Label and How to Print It?

2024-03-22 17:20

In the automotive industry, a VIN label, also known as a Vehicle Identification Number label, is a vital component that acts as the vehicle’s unique identity. It aids in vehicle identification, tracking, and security. This blog post will introduce the basics of VIN labels, including their purpose, contents, and how to print them, with a focus on the HM-T300 PRO VIN label printer from iDPRT.

What is a VIN Label?

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A VIN label is a small, adhesive-backed label that contains the VIN barcode. In many countries, displaying a VIN label on vehicles is a legal requirement.

Manufacturers are tasked with printing and affixing these labels onto the vehicles, typically on the windshield, dashboard, driver’s side doorjamb, or the vehicle’s frame.

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The VIN usually follows the Code 39 barcode symbology, comprising 17 alphanumeric characters. This sequence encodes vital information about the vehicle, including its manufacturer, model, production year, and engine type.

Applications of VIN labels

Beyond manufacturers, quality inspection personnel and those responsible for vehicle compliance often need to print VIN labels and vehicle inspection labels on site for certification documents or other paperwork.

These labels generally include vehicle number, inspection date, validity period and other information, crucial for internal tracking, quality control, and meeting regulatory compliance standards.

VIN labels also play a role in parking access control, ensuring only authorized vehicles enter certain areas, and in fleet tracking systems, helping manage a collection of vehicles.

How to Print Custom VIN Labels?

To start, you will need VIN labels and a barcode printer.

VIN labels need to be durable and tamper-resistant, withstanding environmental factors such as extreme temperatures, moisture, and exposure to sunlight.

Polypropylene (BOPP) plastic labels are currently popular choices for VIN labels and vehicle labels. Common sizes include 3.0 x 2.0 inch clear plastic windshield labels and 2.25 x 1.0 inch inside-out labels.

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The iDPRT HM-T300 PRO VIN label printer is a powerful and portable mobile printing solution that helps you easily print various VIN barcode labels on site. With stable Bluetooth 5.0/LE connectivity and an optional Wi-Fi module, it allows for on-the-go printing to meet outdoor printing needs.

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The HM-T300 PRO portable barcode printer boasts a high-performance processor and an ample 256MB flash memory, and allows downloading TrueType Fonts (TTF) from external devices. So you can print a vast array of characters, icons and graphics along with various 1D and 2D barcodes, directly onto your VIN labels and vehicle inspection labels.

Offering blazing-fast printing speeds of up to 80 mm/s, the HM-T300 PRO handles a wide range of VIN label sizes, accommodating rolls from 39mm to 80mm wide.

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It is equipped with a high-capacity battery, and this VIN label printing machine supports extended work periods, and its USB interface allows for convenient charging through vehicle adapters, chargers, and more.

To wrap up, VIN labels serve as the unique identifier for every vehicle on the road. They play a critical role in manufacturing, sales, registration, management, and recycling, ensuring the safety and traceability of vehicles throughout their lifecycle.

The HM-T300 PRO VIN Label Printer is the go-to solution for producing durable, high-precision VIN labels that meet the stringent requirements of the automotive industry. Contact us today to learn more about the HM-T300 PRO and explore its extensive application possibilities.

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