iDPRT Products' Application in Catering Industry

2022-08-25 11:43

In recent decades, the catering industry in China has maintained a very rapid development speed. At present, the development of the catering industry has entered a new stage of diversification of investment subjects, diversification of business forms, chain operation mode, and industrialization of industry development. The industry has a strong development momentum. Coupled with the popularization and application of Internet technology, the appearance of takeout, the development of O2O, and the proposal of smart catering, the development of the entire catering industry is getting better and better. At the same time, it also puts forward higher requirements and greater challenges to various catering hardware equipment.

Smart Catering

Every restaurant, from the front desk to the back kitchen, can be a coordinated and highly efficient system. If there is a slight error in the whole operation, it is easy to print the missing or wrong order, which will lead to the delay, omission, or wrong order of the dishes ordered by the customers, which is likely to cause unnecessary disputes, reduce customer satisfaction, and consumers will question the service and reputation of the restaurant, In this way, the restaurant may lose a large number of such customers. At the same time, due to a large number of people in the catering industry, and the frequent return and addition of dishes, it is very important to face and solve these situations.

And compared with the front desk, the back kitchen environment is much worse. There are many problems such as water, steam, oil fume, and high temperature; Water or oil often drips on the printer; The environment is noisy, and the printer error is difficult to find in time. Now, iDPRT has specially produced the SP900 POS receipt printer to solve the above problems. SP900 kitchen printer can effectively prevent water and oil fume from entering the inside of the machine body. The main board of the movement is protected by the insulating moisture-proof coating, and the special interface is protected to prevent the printer from malfunctioning due to the invasion of oil fume and unknown organisms. The unique USB interface error re-typing technology can effectively prevent the loss of orders, and also has the sound and light alarm function. It is the only choice for separate printing of kitchen orders.

POS receipt printer

SP900 POS receipt printer is a high-performance ticket counting and issuing machine, which replaces manual handwriting, reduces handwriting errors, and can effectively and accurately note the preferences of customers and improve customer satisfaction. The printer has flexible printing modules, customized printing modules according to customer needs, and neat cable management. Making the people easy to order orders with only one machine.

handheld barcode scanner

As an important terminal of the entire catering service, the cash register is indispensable as one of the important carriers of the checkout. iDPRT HN-3308SR barcode scanner has high-performance full hardware independent decoding technology, perfect scanning depth, and is suitable for various reading distances; Millions of pixels can easily read blurred and dirty barcodes with high density and low contrast; Highly integrated structural design, 1.5m fall-proof, durable. Fully compatible with various systems, just plug and play.

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