iDPRT iT4S Offers Precision Printing for Agricultural Product Certificates

2023-09-08 16:52

Since the end of 2019, China’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs has issued the “Implementation Plan for a National Trial of Certificates for Agricultural Products, marking a significant advancement in agricultural product quality and safety. This policy not only emphasizes the primary responsibilities of farmers and cultivators to improve the quality and safety of their produce but also explores a new model focused on certificate management for supervising agricultural product quality tracking.

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In this context, the iDPRT desktop barcode printer, especially the iDPRT iT4S Thermal Transfer Barcode Printer, stands out for its capability in printing agricultural product certificates, providing efficient and accurate solutions for farmers and vendors.

What are Agricultural Product Certificates?

When you step into a large supermarket or a fresh produce chain store, you are met with a wide array of agricultural products, ranging from fresh fruits and vegetables to various types of meats. Upon closer inspection, you’ll notice a label attached to these items—Agricultural Product Certificate.

These certificates serve as a “pass” that confirms the products have undergone stringent quality inspections. They indicate that the production and sale of these items are legitimate and compliant, addressing issues related to traceability in agriculture and making the market more trustworthy for consumers.

A standard Agricultural Product Certificate usually measures 75mm*105mm and includes the following details:

1. Product Name and Type

Specifies the name and variety, such as “Red Fuji Apple“ or “Free-Range Chicken.“

2. Quantity

Lists the quantity of the product, often in terms of weight or number.

3. Place of Origin

Indicates the specific source location, essential for consumer awareness.

4. Producer or Supplier Information

Includes name, address, and contact details for consumer reference.

5. Commitment Statement

Explicitly assures product quality, safety, and the certificate’s authenticity, including compliance with national food safety standards.

6. Traceability Code or QR Code

Commonly used as a traceability system for agricultural products, enabling consumers to access more information by scanning the code.

In countries such as the United States and across Europe, the emphasis on food safety traceability is equally strong, though the labeling requirements differ. Primarily, consumers encounter three types of labels: Nutrition Labels, Nutrition Facts Labels, and Ingredients Labels.

Nutrition Labels offer a snapshot of the food’s nutritional profile, detailing essential macronutrients like fats, proteins, and carbohydrates, along with vital micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals. Nutrition Facts Labels take it up a notch by providing daily value percentages, empowering consumers to make health-conscious choices. Meanwhile, Ingredients Labels disclose the product’s components, typically listed in descending order by weight. These labeling standards not only inform consumers but also reinforce product quality and safety, ultimately boosting consumer confidence.

How to Print Agricultural Product Certificates?

Certificates of agricultural product quality come in two main formats: physical paper labels and digital QR codes.

While the paper labels usually contain vital information printed directly on them, the digital QR codes encapsulate the same data for easy scanning. With technological advancements, certain jurisdictions are also beginning to accept these digital versions, allowing vendors to showcase the certificates via mobile devices.

To print these certificates efficiently, you can rely on the iDPRT iT4S Thermal Transfer Barcode Printer, designed to provide a high-quality printing solution for agricultural vendors and farm operators. Here’s why it stands out:

iDPRT iT4S Thermal Transfer Barcode Printer

1. Long-lasting Durability

Utilizing cutting-edge thermal transfer technology, the iT4S ensures that each label withstands the test of time, making it ideal for long-term storage and tracking requirements in food supply chains.

iDPRT iT4S Thermal Transfer Barcode Printer uses thermal transfer printing technology

2. High-Volume & Efficient Printing

The printer features a 300m ribbon capacity and a maximum label roll diameter of 127mm, enabling vendors to tackle bulk printing tasks without the need to frequently change supplies.

3. Precision and Clarity

Employing advanced full-range movable reflective sensor technology, including gap and black mark sensors, in conjunction with options for 203 or 300 DPI resolution, the iT4S ensures sharp and accurate printing of text and barcodes.

4. Universal Compatibility

The printer supports multiple programming languages including ZPL-II, EPL2, TSPL, and DPL, offering seamless integration with different platforms for a streamlined printing process.

In environments where a computer connection is inconvenient—such as warehouses or production lines—a flexible printing solution is essential. To address this, the iDPRT iT4S comes with optional Bluetooth and Wi-Fi modules, allowing for more adaptable printing directly from mobile devices.

The iDPRT iT4S Thermal Transfer Barcode Printer serves as a comprehensive and reliable solution for printing not just agricultural product certificates, but also various ingredients labels, nutrition labels. It not only elevates the efficiency of tracking the quality of agricultural products, but also mitigates potential financial losses due to printing errors, omissions, or poor readability. In the quest to establish a new paradigm for product quality and safety, the iDPRT iT4S is undoubtedly a reliable partner you can trust.

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