What are Badge Printing Kiosks? Streamline Event Check-Ins with Automated Badge Printing

2024-06-07 14:26

What are Badge Printing Kiosks?

Badge printing kiosks are automated systems used to print identification and attendee badges on site. They greatly increase entry efficiency by allowing participants and visitors to easily check in without the help of personnel and to pick up badges and entry tickets at the doors of conferences, trade fairs, exhibits, and other events.

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How Badge Printing Kiosks Work?

Scan and print is just the way they go. Most attendees pre-register online before the event. Upon arrival, they present their tickets, typically a QR code on their phones, to the kiosk’s embedded barcode scanner, which instantly prints their event name badges.

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For attendees who register on-site, the kiosks offer a seamless process. They can use the touch screen to complete user registration, input their information, and make payments. Once this is done, the kiosk badge printers generate name badge and tickets immediately.

These printed badges are fully customizable, usually displaying the attendee’s name, company, and a unique QR code. Attendees wearing these badges make access easier and aid in managing and tracking attendance for event organizers.

Benefits of Badge Printing Kiosks

Badge printing kiosks are often placed at the entrances of exhibitions and conferences, and are usually available in large numbers, especially for large events and fairs. They offer many benefits including:

● Efficiency: Speeds up the check-in process, reducing long queues.

● Accuracy: Ensures that attendee information is accurately printed on badges.

● Convenience: Provides a contactless check-in and hassle-free experience for attendees.

● Cost: Reduces staffing costs and minimizes human errors.

Custom Kiosk Badge Printers by iDPRT

Reliable kiosk badge printers are an essential part of on-site badge printing. They guarantee that badges are printed quickly and accurately, minimizing wait times for attendees and reducing the likelihood of errors.

iDPRT provides high-quality kiosk card printers producing clear and durable badges and tickets withstanding the wear and tear of a busy event. Our event kiosk printers offer:

● Print Speed: Fast printing capabilities to handle large volumes.

● Durability: Robust construction to withstand heavy usage.

● Integration: Compatibility with varied operating systems and event management software.

For different types of self-service kiosks, iDPRT supports the custom development of kiosk badge printers. Our kiosk badge printers can handle various thicknesses of continuous fan-fold paper, printing unique designs, logos, attendee information, as well as barcodes and QR codes.

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iDPRT also provides embedded barcode scanners for the self-service kiosks. These kiosk barcode scanners are highly responsive and can quickly recognize attendees’mobile QR codes, mobile payment codes, and more.

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For check-in counters and front desks, you can also choose iDPRT badge label printers. Pair them flexibly with iDPRT wireless 2D barcode scanners or fixed scanners for simple and quick on-site badge printing.

Badge printing kiosk manufacturers and solution providers are welcome to contact us for product details. iDPRT will offer you tailored solutions, exceptional customer service, and comprehensive technical support to meet your specific needs.

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